Staff Augmentation

At its core, Catapult TEK is a staff augmentation company on several fronts.  Our services have evolved for those who:

  • Want to focus all their internal resources on their business activities
  • Want to not worry about their technology and just use it everyday
  • Aren’t interested in keeping up with latest trends, advances and missteps
  • Want to have experts address their needs efficiently
  • Understand technology is a means to business objectives, not a business objective

Catapult TEK both provides and consumes auxiliary staff (and their services) in several ways.  We:

  • Consume expert services on behalf of Catapult TEK clients through vendors and partners
  • Aggregate needs across clients to support full time internal and external staff retention  
  • Consume specialized business services to focus staff on our customer facing business
  • Provide the techniques, tools and management expertise to integrate multi-provider solutions while providing a single point of contact for our clients
  • Projectize “one time” work and resources for just in time, affordable and expedited delivery

If you just need some help on your computer that is not “acting right” or you have a department or company full of computers and various technology you need to address, give us a call and let our experts sort it out for you and get you back to doing business.