Catapult TEK is your partner for cutting edge IT security and managed services.  We have an exceptional team of IT experts, decades of experience and formal partnerships with industry leaders covering the entire technology topography.  Let us catapult your technology to the next level of security, stability, and productivity.

Did you know?

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New malware threats introduced each day.
0 %
Of all cyber breaches happen to small and medium sized businesses.
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Average cost of a data breach for SMBs.
0 %
Growth in ransomware attacks since 2019
0 %
Of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error

Our Vision

Our vision is to be your company’s single point of contact for all of your technology needs.

Catapult TEK specializes in complete technology solutions bundled for the small and medium sized business (SMB) community.  We ourselves are an SMB and understand the intricacies and challenges confronting the small business today.  We focus on transporting “big company” capabilities into scalable and affordable platforms sized for our client partners.

We partner with our clients to offload the “care and feeding” of their IT environment so they can focus on their own business without distractions from maintaining the technology needed to be nimble, efficient and profitable.  We utilize a team approach rather than “a guy” that works on technology, who may not be able to respond quickly enough due to other commitments.

Our Mission

To understand the client’s “big picture” goals and integrate IT products and services to achieve them.

Catapult TEK’s primary business model is to allocate “just in time” resources shared across our clients for only the time and services needed (experts as a service).  The pooling and sharing of our specialists enable our client partners to utilize expert resources without the large overhead and commitment normally associated with acquisition of such expertise.   We see ourselves as aggregators, integrators and professional managers of technology experts, products, services and relationships for our client partners.

We are deeply committed to win-win arrangements.  We believe we win when we contribute to our client partners’ successes and when we help our staff, consultants and suppliers be successful.  Our vendor partnerships are not only about quantity discounts or pricing strategies.  They ARE about representing your needs to vendor/supplier teams in new product and service development targeted for our SMB client base.  This close working relationship gives us unique vantage points and influence on the future of technology and enables us to help our client partners make wise decisions about their next move, and the next and the next.

Our Proposal

Fair pricing and good value are cornerstones of our business philosophy and we understand that any technology outage is not a good value.  We have a dedicated team of home office professionals supported by local and virtual experts focused on preventing your technology issues through proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance.  We don’t use high priced marketing firms or salespeople.  We spend those dollars on the things that matter to you – technical resources, tools and capabilities.

Even though we participate in the development of the latest and most cutting edge software and hardware, we are focused on basic blocking and tackling required for SMB’s to be competitive, efficient and profitable.  We are not into overselling products and services or “gold plating”.  We treat our client partners’ technology needs and budgets as if they were our own; professional, no nonsense, direct and results focused. However, if your business requires technology glitz and glamour as part of your business model, we do have that for you too.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Security First
  • Data Central
  • Always on; From Anywhere; On a Device of Preference; Shared Between Authorized Parties
  • Partner with Clients in Their Long View
  • Find and Recommend Reliable and Flexible ‘Right Sized’ Solutions
  • Practice Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Avoid User Impacts and Outages
  • Lead People, Manage Things and Risk
  • Understand You Can Only Manage Reality
  • Be Respectful of Self and Others
  • Start On Time, End On Time
  • Management by ‘Facts and Data’
  • Invest In and Use the Right People and Tools for the Job
  • Plan the Work; Work the Plan; Sweat the Details
  • Leave ‘It’ Better than You Found ‘It’
  • A Good System Solution May Not be a Computer Solution
  • Be a Confidante and Consultant

Our Team – Caring IT Professionals

An organization that believes our success is directly dependent on contributing to our client’s success.

If you have been a client of Catapult TEK for a while, you have probably met members of our internal teams; engineers, architects, help desk members, project managers and management staff. You will find these extraordinary people involved in our different communication methods; face-to-face, chat, email, help desk calls, remote sessions and website.

Behind our front-line personnel, we have a 24/7 staff of 700+ IT engineers, 200+ US based help desk experts, an industry leading Security Operations Center (SOC) and dozens of vendors that have elected to partner with us.  We deal with these resources on your behalf and they will not contact you directly.

We service clients in many industries including but not limited to:

  • Business Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Charities
  • Professional Services
  • Construction
  • Property Management
  • Financial
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Staffing
  • Information Services
  • Transportation
  • Legal
  • Web Services

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