Data Centers and Cloud Computing sometimes go hand in hand, but not always.  If you use software that is not offered as a cloud service you may use a workstation or your own server to host that software at your location.

If you need access for multiple users to your software, you likely are using a server with some of or all of the technicalities that go with your server(s) like:

  • Securing physical access to the server and the location where it resides
  • Providing supplemental AC to compensate for the heat generated by the equipment
  • Providing backup power for power outages and associated server crashes
  • Monitoring systems; cameras, motion sensors, temperature sensors, humidity detectors and the people to perform monitoring and check logs
  • Contracting remote or onsite maintenance of the server’s Operating System and software
  • Contracting onsite equipment maintenance and repair
  • Supporting backup of the data for Disaster Recover/Business Continuity

We understand your technology and data are critical to your business functions and outages cause significant impact to your business effectiveness, your client interactions and company reputation.

Our datacenter offers:

  • 24/7/365 Onsite, Trained, and Vetted Facility Staffing
  • Commercial Data Center Security
  • Hot and Warm Geo-Redundant Datacenters
  • N+1 Cooling with Chilled Water Loop and CRAH Units
  • N+1 Power Infrastructure with Primary and Redundant Power
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • SOC Type2 Audited
  • PCI Compliant
  • ISO 27001
  • 24/7 NOC
  • 24/7 SOC
  • DRaaS
  • Enterprise Level Backups
  • VDI and RDS Environments
  • Mission Critical and High-Performance Workloads
  • Uptime Guarantees
  • Fiber Diversity
  • DDoS Network Protection

Colocation Rack Space

Commercial professionally managed datacenter space to put your existing servers to eliminate the cost of maintaining or building your own specialized facilities and avoiding infrastructure related outages.  Lockable rack space is available from ¼ rack and up.  In planning for the future, the colo option provides expandability without the hassle of refreshing or adding to on-premise facilities.

Bare Metal

Customized dedicated server hardware housed in our datacenter for an affordable monthly fee (OpEx).  Many sizes, options and capabilities are available including variable number of processors, processor speeds, memory, storage, network capability, DR options and more.  This is a great option if you are due for a hardware/software upgrade and want to eliminate your on-premise care and feeding or move from a CapEx to an OpEx model to better budget your technology expenses.

HaaS – Hardware as a Service (Hardware Leasing)

No server hardware to buy, just use what you need in our commercial datacenter.  Need to expand your capability, no problem, you pay for only what you need.  We can also provide software licenses on a monthly subscription with terms as short as 12 months.

Planned cable channels with groomed cables reduce troubleshooting, maintenance and expansion costs down the road.  Our wiring is labeled on both ends with an associated “as built” schematic and includes end-to-end testing of every cable. 


Colored cable schemes help the IT department locate master cables for troubleshooting and maintenance like installing new network or server equipment.

Don’t fight cabling nightmares forever and let us do it right the 1st time!  We offer the following Wiring Infrastructure Services:

  • CAT 5E
  • CAT 5/6A
  • Fiber Optic
  • Conduit
  • Equipment Racks
  • Patch Panels
  • Network Switches
  • Wiring Schematics
  • Data Center Infrastructure

Robust high speed wireless connections are imperative to today’s highly mobile workforce with the latest devices.  Whether a wireless network supports guests in your facility or you need wireless roaming between offices and in conference rooms, we can design, install and test your WiFi network to work seamlessly across your entire footprint.  If you need a wireless connection outside your building for mobiles, we can add that for you too.  We offer the following Mobility Solutions:

  • WiFi
  • In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Point-to-Multipoint Access Networks

VoiP Phones provide a lot of flexibility for clients.  The phone number stays with the phone, so you can easily move people around the office without the costs of reprogramming phones.  We recommend 2 cables to each workstation, 1 for the phone and one for the computer(s).  In the event 1 of those cables fails, most VoiP phones will also support a computer to eliminate down time while a repair is being made. 

If you need paging and speaker systems or video entry intercom systems, we can run the wiring and install the devices for you.  If a system fails, call us and we will come and repair it for you.

We can also help you select the phone system and provider(s) for peace of mind.  We offer the following Communications Solutions:

  • VoiP Telephones
  • Overhead Paging/Speaker Systems
  • Video Entry Intercom Systems

Let’s face it, high definition video conferencing is not a luxury, it is necessary to conduct business at the best possible cost and with the fastest speed.  We offer affordable professional systems that enable collaboration for your teams, locally and/or remotely.  Let us show you how you can pass video sources between your team members with a click of a button.

We offer the following A/V Solutions:

  • High-Definition Video Conferencing
  • Presentation Systems

We all need good physical security.  The PoE device capabilities have dramatically grown in the last few years.  We can install and service your card access system and your camera surveillance system including digital recordings.  For highly sensitive areas, we provide motion sensors, door sensors, temperature monitors, water/humidity sensors, infrared cameras, and voltage sensors including monitoring services.  A good application of the entire suite of security services is an on-premise server or telecom room.  We offer the following Security Services:

  • Card Access Systems
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Telecom/Server Room Monitoring

In addition to data and phone connections, PoE circuits can now support highly flexible lighting solutions.  From general lighting to special event lighting to security lighting, this technology impresses.  Schools might install a multi-color fixture in the classroom; green when everything is good and red for a lock-down condition.  All teachers could be alerted silently at the same time…the applications of this technology are endless.  Let us give you some more examples.  We offer the following PoE Lighting Solutions:

  • Light fixtures operated over existing Ethernet cables
  • General Lighting, Accent Lighting
  • Adjustable color, temperature and intensity

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